Our Facilities

At Catmandu Motel for Cats your much-loved feline friends will be looked after like kitty royalty.

Inside the cattery you’ll find relaxing music playing, cool green shrubbery and an avery to make your cuddly pets feel at home in the tranquil setting. We are there to make sure your cat has the most relaxing and non-stressful  stay possible.

Of course, bedding is provided at our cattery but  you are more than welcome to bring your furry friends’ favourite bedding or toy to keep them comfortable during their stay (though please make sure it is clearly marked for identification).


Single Suites
Single suites which are big enough to stand in have  2 levels. The ground floor has their food and litter and the next level  has their bedding.

Twin Suites
There are 2 single suites with a walk over section between  so they can cuddle up together or maybe have a little time out from each other.

Our Facilities

Family Rooms
Our family rooms are for 3 or more cats. They are large and spacious with loads of soft pillows and toys to play with.

Isolation Room
If your cat should fall ill he/she may be moved to an isolation room so as not to put your cat or others at risk.


We have a range of food available for our special guests, and if your cat has any special dietary requirements you can also bring your own food when you check-in (but make sure it’s labelled with your cat's name).

Our guests have clean water and food bowls replaced with each meal. Cats get fed two times per day. In the morning they have dried food and for dinner they have wet food (unless specified differently by you).