Cat Boarding Services | Melbourne

Welcome to Catmandu Motel for Cats.

The Puurr-fect Suite For Your Furry Friend

When you leave your cat at Catmandu Motel for Cats, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll pamper and take care of your pet as if it was our own.

We welcome all of our guests into clean, spacious and luxury suites at affordable prices. All rooms contain warm beds, loads of pillows and many fun toys for our guests to play with.

Spacious and luxury suites at affordable prices

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Comfortable Accommodations

Our cattery is nestled indoors within a tranquil garden surrounded by shrubbery. Your felines would be entertained and happy to gaze at our aviary full of birds as they relax in their comfortable enclosures.

Our staff at Catmandu Motel for Cats provide superior quality care and ensure that all pets receive lots of love, pampering and cuddles. Feel free to drop by our cattery to visit our luxury suites.

Lots of love, pampering and cuddles for each cat

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